Sam Broussard
Sam Broussard
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David writes unique songs that are pure Southern poetry.


Music you should hear. Gut-wrenching beauty and honesty.


Please read about this award-winning writer on my site or here:


Too smart, too talented, too handsome, too nice ... I hate him.


Wonderful – and industrious! prolific! – couple.


Unique lyricist, "a kind of blues in motion .." –Rolling Stone


songwriter, artist, photographer, ferocious talent.


Colorado friend, powerful woman, powerful musician.


My Swiss friend in Paris, whose art adorns this site. God broke the mold after ....


Valuable magazine, no ads. Go to Words>Rants>Letters to ...


Enormous & entertaining West Coast site by writer and friend Rick Rice.


Excellent boutique site for Louisiana music.


Great music sitezine by my friend Frank Goodman


French site for Stephan Eicher's and Philippe Djiann's lyrics.,a530


Philippe Djian's French site.,a530


Something you won't see every day. A musical treasure.


One of the best videos I've ever seen. For musicians and everyone. Turn it up!


Long Ted Greene guitar seminar. Another treasure.


Great funny video that says it all about our politics. Appropriately vulgar.


Designer of this site, writer, journalist and all-around smart guy. Your site needs him.

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