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The Number System For Guitar Students

Bruce Holland Rogers

Lyrics to Geeks CD


Lyrics to Geeks CD


Song lyrics are generally not poems and shouldn't be judged by the same criteria. Having said that, I really don't know what they are, but I think they should be judged by how much they make you feel when you’re reading them, and then how memorable that feeling becomes later.I'm going to misquote someone I've forgotten who was quoting someone he was forgetting (and probably misquoting): "Good lyrics make you think. A good melody makes you feel.A good song makes you feel thoughts." Nice. But I prefer lyrics that can have quite a full impact on me without the music, and that's how I try to write them.


Angel of Mercy

Do The Numbers

The Geek

Her Comb and Her Perfume

I Don't Care Where You Bury Me

I Tremble

If I Ever Get Out of This Place

Ira Visits His Dad

Look At Me

My Former Shell

Screws, Pins and Bolts

Servant Of The People


That's Us

Your Sleeping Face

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