Sam Broussard
Sam Broussard
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Daniel Affolter

If I Ever Get Out of This Place


I'll bring you lemons

with your tea

I'll kiss your eyes

'til they open to see

another morning

if I ever get out of this place


I'll part the curtains

to let the sunlight in

and watch the shadows

melt from your skin

I will see this

if I ever get out of this place


And when you leave my arms

to work in some high-rise

I will walk the streets

and search in strangers' eyes

for the secret there

that always hid from me

the one that lets you all

move in harmony


and when you come home

to sit by my side

I'll have learned nothing

but at least I tried

I won't stop searching

if I ever get out of this place


No I won't hate the ones

who put me here

that there may be no God

will be my only fear

I will not tear the air

like some unchained beast

I'll have no sharpened stones

in those pockets filled with peace


And then I'll love you

like a symphony

And come the morning

the first thing that I'll see

will be your sleeping face

if I ever get out of this place

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