Sam Broussard
Sam Broussard
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Assorted short pieces plus a song here and there.

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Read Sam's lyrics to the Geeks CD or listen to the MP3 clips below. Just click on the link to download a large or small clip of the corresponding song. It will begin playing once the download is complete. (The link to each clip indicates the size of the file.)

Title and Length Hi-fi (128k) Lo-fi (24k)
Angel of Mercy (:46) 731k 139k
Do The Numbers (:44) 704k 133k
The Geek (:28) 455k 88k
Her Comb and Perfume (1:18) 1,222k 232k
I Don't Care Where You Bury Me (1:40) 1,569k 296k
I Tremble (1:57) 1,835k 346k
If I Ever Get Out Of This Place (:42) 661k 126k
Ira Visits His Dad (1:32) 1,447k 274k
Look At Me (:51) 805k 153k
My Former Shell (:15) 245k 48k
Screws, Pins and Bolts (:50) 795k 151k
Servant of The People (:20) 317k 62k
T-Neg (:20) 332k 65k
That's Us (:40) 632k 121k
Your Sleeping Face (:41) 651k 124k
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