Sam Broussard
Sam Broussard
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Daniel Affolter

Look At Me


Pleasant mumbles

when she smiles and says hello

And the world is in a hurry

they all have some place to go


Stairsteps one at a time

next year maybe ground floor

Laughter in the hallway

follows her through her door


The damn things only scared her

so she took down the mirrors

from the walls and tabletops

No shiny things on shelves

Now she only sees herself

and everybody else

in the windows of the shops


She thinks Just look at me

Just look at me

My my, just look at me

It's come to this


Young ones look straight ahead

as if entering their lives

Her approach is an insult

from where they will arrive


Sometimes she wants to slap them

Old folks can be so mean

Instead she hangs her head

and walks by, eyes on her feet


The jewelry's in a box

old calendars and clocks

old keys she can't identify

Hat pins and cameos

the bureau overflows

She thinks I got this far

they could at least meet my eyes


She thinks Just look at me

Just look at me

Damn you just look at me

that's all I ask

Just look at me

Damn you, just look at me

Just look at me

Is that too much

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