Sam Broussard
Sam Broussard
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Daniel Affolter

I Don't Care Where You Bury Me


Buried in a mountain

down a shaft dark and deep

mounds of gold and miners' bones

in a wreath laid at my feet

Below the soaring falcon

with a chicken in its beak

but above the place they damn me

every time my name they speak


I don't care where you bury me


Near some braggart poet

cut down in a duel

or some devil-loving whining singer

found drowned in his pool

or in some sunken pirate ship

our bleached bones wrapped in rags

or in the arms of a student shot

for pissing on the flag


I don't care where you bury me

'cause I will never die


Bring on your fearsome Reaper

I'll hold that pansy upside down

I'll shake the souls from all his pockets

and buy all hell a round

Send your foulest demon

I'll choke him with his tongue

Send all your cutthroat lawyers, man

I'll make them eat their young

Yum Yum


Far from where my minions lie

bent over at their knees

the stain of yes upon their lips

the grease of if you please

My thumbprint on their backs

I smoked them all like weed

I smoked them 'til the ashes

fell behind my teeth


I don't care where you bury me


In the dirt floor of the whorehouse

below the bedspring squeak

I'll poison the ivy by the window

through which the children peek

My clutching hand thrust through the dirt

oh the horror with mystique

will paint the flush of guilt and death

across their loins and cheeks


I don't care where you bury me

'cause I will never die


I don't care where you bury me

'cause I will never die

I'll break out as you lower me

and spit right in your eye

You'll break your backs as you try

to get me in the ground

There ain't no man man enough

to lower me down

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